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one of the finest writers on critiquing the art form of comics analyzes my work over at the comics journal:…
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my graphic novel Postland is on the notable list for Best American Comics 2013.
thanks for the nod, Matt and…
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Diego Tripodi :icondiegotripodi: gets interviewed for "The Black Sheep" by Newsarama:…
Meanwhile :iconmadbaumer37: my new book "Heathen" gets a decent critique by The Comics Bulletin:…

both books can be purchased here:
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i'm proud to be publishing Diego Tripodi's :icondiegotripodi:
new book "The Black Sheep".
book will debut at SPX in Bethesda, MD 9.14.13
you can preorder a copy here:…
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hello again. i'm taking preorders for my new book due in september:…
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i'm broke so i'm taking on commissions. i'll draw anything you desire, be it person, place or thing, and i'll draw it like nobody else can and make it a work of art.
$50 + shipping for 9x12
$75 + shipping for 11x14
message me if you're interested.

ORIGINALS FOR SALE: a bunch of my past work is for sale for cheap on etsy:
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Only 2 more days left to order a copy of MEMORY:…
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Lines only - Murmur 08 by madbaumer37 Murmur 08 by madbaumer37

to the left is a scan of the lines only of the latest comic i'm doing before i rendered the fuck out of them with marker fills and ballpoint hatches.

to the right is the finished page.

i've been struggling with trying to come up with a more stripped-down style of cartooning that i am not insecure about. i was thinking about using digital color for my next comic, or maybe none at all except for some sparse grey washes.

the problem seems to center around a strong tendency to feel/worry that the work looks "unfinished" unless i render every square inch with texture.

i'm really pleased with the look of how i do things now, but i'm seriously beginning to become self-conscious about it possibly getting ignored because it doesn't fit a general view on what comics are supposed to look like.

plus it takes HOURS UPON HOURS to do one fucking page, and 75% of that time is spent on the marker fills and pen hatching alone. if i could somehow reduce that production time even by a marginal fraction i could easily see this leading to me being FAR more prolific.

i don't know, i think i've been spending too much time staring at other people's work recently. issues like this, both minor and major, have a way at nagging at my obsessive-compulsive brain like it's some sort of math problem that has formulaic solution.

thus: thoughts, opinions, criticisms, advice, examples of other people's work are all anxiously welcomed in the comments below.

BTW: only 10 days left to preorder your limited edition copy of the anthology i curated "MEMORY". CHECK IT OUT:…
FEATURING the comics and art of many of your fellow deviants such as Diego Tripodi, Industrias Lamonicana, Tim Molloy, Jelena Dordevic, Keely Dolan, Nick Marino, Shawn Atkins, Diego Simone, Adam Pinson, Gerald Butalewicz, Sara Skogsberg, Mater Totemica and many more.
ALSO featuring notorious underground artists like Jim Rugg, Eric Haven, Tom Scioli, Hans Rickheit, Dave Wachter, Danny Hellman, and more.
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MEMORY: Artists Spotlight Part IV:…
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MEMORY: Artists Spotlight Part III:…
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MEMORY: Artists Spotlight Part II of IV:…
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the comics anthology "MEMORY" just met it's crowdfunding goal,
so meet some of the artists involved or order your own copy of the book here:…
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my comic "Creation Story"
appears alongside the gorgeous work of over 40 artists
in the book "Memory", which you can preorder
through kickstarter starting today:…
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sorry for my lack of rapport.
i've been extremely busy with a new book.
this one's a big one.
more information about that later this week.

Extravagant Traveler #1 just scored a great review
over at Comic Book Resources: goodcomics.comicbookresources.…

Extravagant Traveler #2 should be ready by the end of summer.

again, big news later this week.
stay tuned and, as always,
thank you very much for your support and friendship.
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my graphic novel Postland i am releasing in it's entirety
here on dA as a show of appreciation to those of you
who support my work, as well as for those of you
who maybe wanted to buy a copy but couldn't.

here it is, enjoy: :iconpostland:

also i am selling self-published books of work
by both me and Diego Tripodi here:
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i am proud to announce a new book by diego tripodi :icondiegotripodi:
published by madbaumer37:
"Melee" a Collection of Short Comics 2006-2012
buy it here:
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Extravagant Traveler #1 gets 3.5 star review
on the comics bulletin:…

For sale here (only $5.50):
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i'm broke. so i drastically cut all the prices for original artwork in my etsy store and will provide a free 11x14 print of any artwork of mine of your choosing as well as a free comic. LOOK:
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the first review is in for
Extravagant Traveler #1

Speaking of which, the comic itself just arrived
from the printers and it looks great!
if you missed out on the kickstarter,
you can order your own copy here for $5.50 (plus s&h)
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does anybody here post their comics on
if so, do you find it beneficial and what is the link to your page?
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