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haven't been posting much new work lately, but i can assure you i've been working away furiously on a new graphic novel. my approach to this one has been a very experimental learning process, with lots of it penciled and inked but not yet colored or finished. i know comics are essentially looked at by most folks as disposable entertainment that should be fun to make, but i'm not able to do so with confidence unless i feel that i'm giving it all of the effort and hard work that i am able. i have maybe 50 or 60 pages finished on this current project with maybe 30 or 40 more pages in some some stage of progress and/or limbo. i have no idea what the final page count will be.

promoting Dörfler at shows and book signings held up my progress for a couple of months there, but i'm not complaining. the reviews and feedback from readers were all overwhelmingly positive and supportive. which is a relief, as i wasn't sure how people would react to it.

this year has been a weird, schizoid-blur of a rollercoaster ride.

but now it's time to get back to work.

hope everyone is well. i'll be doing my best to catch up on everyone's deviations in the following weeks.

you might not see any new posts from me for a couple of weeks, but i do try to post random progress shots on my instagram account as regularly as possible:

here are some of the reviews for Dörfler:


broken frontier:…



las vegas weekly:…

comics bulletin:…
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My latest work, Dörfler, is now available for preorder on Fantagraphics' slick new website.
7.5"x12" Full Color, Hardcover, ships in July.

Hope you like it and thanks, as always, for all of the support over the years.
Fantagraphics has released a downloadable preview
of the first 8 pages of my new graphic novel due out in July:…

It is currently available for preorder on Amazon:…
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i contributed some work for coal-miner-cartoonist J.T. Dockery's third and final volume of his series DESPAIR.
this volume also includes work by the great Liz Valasco and Eamon Espey (Songs of the Abyss).

You can secure yourself a copy here:…

Here is an excellent writeup by the man himself: covertlyandbysnatches.blogspot…

Here is a review of volume 1 by the phenomenal Rob Clough:…
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Serbian cartoonist Jelena Đorđević :iconbesnglist: has been hard at work on a unique and gorgeous looking comic now on kickstarter:

I've collaborated with her in the past and she's one of my top favorite cartoonists. Please consider checking it out.
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hello. i want to let everyone know my graphic novel "Dörfler" is being published by Fantagraphics and is due out in June.
it's available on Amazon and if you preorder it now you'll save over 20% off the cover price:…

hope everyone is having a good year so far.

my grandfather Richard Baum passed away last weekend. he was a good man. he was a veteran of the korean war. he ran a beer distributor and motel with my grandmother for years and years. he taught my father, his son, how to draw who, in turn, was the one who taught me how to draw when i was very little. he had a wife, 3 children, 9 grandchildren, and 9 great grandchildren. he is missed by all of them. he was 83 years old.

was really sorry to learn of that vicious tragedy in Paris, city of romance, which is horrific and depressing on too many levels for me to bother listing.

i will be posting more new artwork soon. i started a new comic. i've been doing all pencils and linework lately, preferring to do my coloring in binges. however i regularly post progress photos on instagram:

be well.
i think i finished my book yesterday.
it's 88 pages.
that's 176 11x14 half-page drawings
penciled, inked, colored by hand and scanned.
took me 11 months.
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hey westcoasters: don't miss this show at the La Luz De Jesus Gallery in L.A. features my work alongside a bunch of my favorite…
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one of the coolest and funniest people i met last year was Philadelphia cartoonist Dave Proch, who is currently trying to fund his comic series "Mango Lizard". check it out:
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i'll be tabling at SPX in bethesda, maryland again this year.
comics by me, diego tripodi, nils balls, and christina joy neumann at table W41.
free art prints for all (while they last).

here's the official website:

otherwise, still overwhelmingly busy working on the new book. i've probably produced more drawings this year so far than the previous 2 years combined. exciting publishing news to come soon.

hope everyone is doing well.
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it was a privilege to contribute work to this book.
it has an extraordinary roster of artists.
don't miss out on this one:…
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proud to have contributed to this book, which you can preview over at…

full list of contributing artists:…

buy the book here:…
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i've been working my tail off on my new book "Dörfler". I expect to have it finished by September. I officially signed a contract with a publisher and will be announcing the exciting (to me, at least) particulars of this turn of events soon enough.

i feel bad that i'm not as interactive with my fellow artists on this website as i used to be. i used to be very thoroughly interactive on here for years. the momentum of how busy my work has been keeping me has been increasing for almost 2 years straight now. keeping up with all the great artists and work on this website has been daunting. i still catch up the best i can in small spurts here and there, and fully plan to be more active once this book is finished.

in the meantime, here is everywhere else you can catch me:

MB37 on facebook:…
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one of the finest writers on critiquing the art form of comics analyzes my work over at the comics journal:…
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my graphic novel Postland is on the notable list for Best American Comics 2013.
thanks for the nod, Matt and…
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Diego Tripodi :icondiegotripodi: gets interviewed for "The Black Sheep" by Newsarama:…
Meanwhile :iconmadbaumer37: my new book "Heathen" gets a decent critique by The Comics Bulletin:…

both books can be purchased here:
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i'm proud to be publishing Diego Tripodi's :icondiegotripodi:
new book "The Black Sheep".
book will debut at SPX in Bethesda, MD 9.14.13
you can preorder a copy here:…
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hello again. i'm taking preorders for my new book due in september:…
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i'm broke so i'm taking on commissions. i'll draw anything you desire, be it person, place or thing, and i'll draw it like nobody else can and make it a work of art.
$50 + shipping for 9x12
$75 + shipping for 11x14
message me if you're interested.

ORIGINALS FOR SALE: a bunch of my past work is for sale for cheap on etsy:
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Only 2 more days left to order a copy of MEMORY:…
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